Visual Art Workshops at Misono-Kodomo-no-Ie Foster Home


1 27-Nov Draw backdrop of Musical in Child Aid Asia Concert


1 25-May Making original colors from primary colours
2 24-Jul Making earth color crayon from soil and spices
3 24-Aug Tie dye with indigo
4 28-Sep Dress up plastic umbrella
5 27-Oct Taking photos representing Misono-Kodomo-no-Ie
6 30-Nov Relief prints using cardboard
7 21-Dec Mobile sculptures with straws and strings


1 22-Feb Creating traditional Hina dolls with cray
2 29-Mar Drawing spring scenery on a large piece of paper
3 19-Apr Making own seals from plastic trays
4 18-May Cool airplanes made from cardboard and chopsticks
5 22-Jun Paper plate masks
6 27-Jul Making original color with primary colours (original colour paper to make collage)
7 16-Aug Sending picture letters to children in Singapore (Introducing Japanese matters and things)
8 27-Sep Drawing "a Big Tree" (Exchange Program with Yu Neng elementary school,Singapore)
9 25-Oct Making a cray ship
10 22-Nov Phenakistoscope
11 21-Dec Kites


1 31-Jan Pinwheels
2 21-Feb Paper baseball caps
3 15-Mar Milk carton crafts (decorative trays with clothes and beads)
4 19-Apr Tie dye bag with indigo
5 17-May Treasure box
6 21-Jun Milk carton crafts (aerial tramways)
7 19-Jul Drawing a "flower" on a postcard to send to children in Singapore
8 9-Aug Drawing the "cool image" on Japanese fans
9 20-Sep Relief prints with cardboard "A Day at Mishono-kodomo-no-Ie"
10 15-Nov Sending picture letters to children in Singapore as reply
11 20-Dec Kites in the Batick style using oil crayon and watercolor paint
(Exchange Program with Singaporean children)


1 6-Jan New Year's flower arrangement with Singaporean and Indonesian children at Suntory Hall
(Flowers offered by FLOWORLD for children FOUNDATION, Instruction of flower arrangement by K`s color atelier)
2 17-Jan Drawing thank you picture letter for the kites sent from Singapore
3 21-Feb Mosic with eggshell
4 21-Mar Papier-mashe figure
5 17-Apr Make original color from primary colors
6 15-May My own lunch box with paper clay
7 19-Jun Creating a story of "Tanabata" star festival with colored paper collage
8 24-Jul Painting a scroll of "Urashima and the Kingdom Beneath the Sea"
9 21-Aug Batikprint with flour
10 18-Sep Corinthian Game
11 16-Oct Pop up greeting cards
12 17-Dec Flower arrangement for Christmas
(Flowers offered by FLOWORLD for children FOUNDATION, Instruction of flower arrangement by K`s color atelier)


1 15-Jan Tell Malaysian children about Japan by Skype
( picture letters to show them)
2 19-Feb Milk carton craft (Guitar)
Draw a "Magical Picture" and send it to Malaysian children
3 19-Mar Drawing picture scrolls: "If I can use magic..."
4 16-Apr Make original color from primary colours
5 21-May Capturing an image of "seasons" (Send photos to Singaporean and Malaysian children)
6 18-Jun Dress up plastic umbrella
7 16-Jul Frottage in Misono