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ChildAid Asia Alumni made a donation of 100,000JYN to Little Creators.

OB_donation2014.07.19.JPGAsami Wada, Yuji Suzuki , Hidekazu Nakajima, Asuto Kitamura and Rei Nakajima who are all ChildAid Asia alumni made a donation to Little Creators. It is the proceeds that they obtained from their own charity concert "Bridge across the Sea" held in this past May. Asami, Yuji and Hide performed at Tiara Koto so beautifully, and Rei and Asuto supported them as stagehands. Thank you, ChildAid Asia Kids! And thanks to their parents supported their action!

The donation will all go to art workshops for children at nursing homes and to art programmes, which can be platforms for children to present their artistic talents.