Our Mission

~What is the purpose of NPO Little Creators' activities?~

Every child and youth, despite a disadvantaged background, should have the opportunity to learn arts and culture and develop a healthy mind to overcome any difficulties of life.

Messages to every child:
There are many ways to express your feelings.
You would discover a different you if you took a new challenge.
Getting to know a new world would bring you a brighter future.


Our Mission

NPO Little Creators in Tokyo was set up in 2009 with a mission to provide children from unprivileged backgrounds with an opportunity to use art as an avenue to express their feelings, thoughts and hopes. We believe that arts-based training programmes also help children to discover their artistic potential and talent. The arts through its various platforms for showcase and performances is an ideal way for children to broaden their knowledge and build courage as they work towards achieving a personal goal. Children from different circumstance especially those living in nursing homes will eventually be discharged. The confidence and courage that the children gain from an arts learning journey will help them to face the challenges and realities of the outside world when they leave the protection of the home.

Beneficiary of Little Creators activities: Under18 years old, especially those who have to live in children's nursing homes and who are from disadvantaged background.



Art workshops (visual art, music, theater, dance etc), Theater and museum visit




ChildAid Asia

Friendship Concert ~ChildAid Asia Incubation Programme




Friendship Concert ~ChildAid Asia Incubation Programme

International Children's Art Festival

ChildAid (Singapore, Malaysia)

Cultural exchange programmes and Study abroad


Dec. 2006
Through "Spotlight Singapore in Tokyo", the event for the 40th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Singapore, the current directors joined the cause of Business Times Budding Artists Fund and started to seek what we can do for the needy children in the society.
Apr. 2007
Established Budding Artists Fund Japan and set up the web site "Kodomo Chikyu Channel" as its engine. Gave up about one year later.
Jan. 2008
Held the 1st art workshop for children and has continued workshops occasionally.
Sept. 2008
Held the 1st art workshop at a children's nursing home and has continued workshops at children's nursing homes regularly till today.
Dec. 2008
Held the 1st International Children's Art Festival in Singapore.
Apr. 2009
Changed the name of organization to NPO Little Creators
(Oct. 16 authorized by Tokyo Metropolitan government, and Nov. 16 by Legal Affairs Bureau)
Dec. 2009
Held the 2nd International Children's Art Festival in Singapore.
Jan. 2011
Held ChildAid Asia 2011 at Shinjuku Bunka Center, Tokyo
May 2011
Held the 3rd International Children's Art Festival in Singapore.
Dec. 2011
Asami Wada (violinist, 13 years old) was invited to ChildAid in Singapore. Children from one of the children's nursing homes, Shakujii Gakuen, joined the concert via VTR.
Dec. 2012
Hidekazu Nakajima (pianist, 17 years old) was invited to ChildAid in Singapore.
Jan. 2013
Held ChildAid Asia 2013 at Ginza Blossom, Tokyo
May 2013
Hidekazu Nakajima and Yuji Suzuki (Tsugaru Shamisen performer, 17 years old) were invited to Child Aid Asia@KL, Malaysia.
July-Aug. 2013
Asami Wada went to study English and music in Singapore with supports from IYAE in Singapore and NPO Little Creators.
Dec. 2013
Ryuhi Arai (pianist, 12 years old) was invited to ChildAid in Singapore.
Jan. 2014
Held ChildAid Asia 2014 at Suntory Hall, Tokyo.
Mar. 2014
Established Little Creators Ltd. in Singapore.


1 27-Nov Draw backdrop of Musical in Child Aid Asia Concert


1 25-May Making original colors from primary colours
2 24-Jul Making earth color crayon from soil and spices
3 24-Aug Tie dye with indigo
4 28-Sep Dress up plastic umbrella
5 27-Oct Taking photos representing Misono-Kodomo-no-Ie
6 30-Nov Relief prints using cardboard
7 21-Dec Mobile sculptures with straws and strings


1 22-Feb Creating traditional Hina dolls with cray
2 29-Mar Drawing spring scenery on a large piece of paper
3 19-Apr Making own seals from plastic trays
4 18-May Cool airplanes made from cardboard and chopsticks
5 22-Jun Paper plate masks
6 27-Jul Making original color with primary colours (original colour paper to make collage)
7 16-Aug Sending picture letters to children in Singapore (Introducing Japanese matters and things)
8 27-Sep Drawing "a Big Tree" (Exchange Program with Yu Neng elementary school,Singapore)
9 25-Oct Making a cray ship
10 22-Nov Phenakistoscope
11 21-Dec Kites


1 31-Jan Pinwheels
2 21-Feb Paper baseball caps
3 15-Mar Milk carton crafts (decorative trays with clothes and beads)
4 19-Apr Tie dye bag with indigo
5 17-May Treasure box
6 21-Jun Milk carton crafts (aerial tramways)
7 19-Jul Drawing a "flower" on a postcard to send to children in Singapore
8 9-Aug Drawing the "cool image" on Japanese fans
9 20-Sep Relief prints with cardboard "A Day at Mishono-kodomo-no-Ie"
10 15-Nov Sending picture letters to children in Singapore as reply
11 20-Dec Kites in the Batick style using oil crayon and watercolor paint
(Exchange Program with Singaporean children)


1 6-Jan New Year's flower arrangement with Singaporean and Indonesian children at Suntory Hall
(Flowers offered by FLOWORLD for children FOUNDATION, Instruction of flower arrangement by K`s color atelier)
2 17-Jan Drawing thank you picture letter for the kites sent from Singapore
3 21-Feb Mosic with eggshell
4 21-Mar Papier-mashe figure
5 17-Apr Make original color from primary colors
6 15-May My own lunch box with paper clay
7 19-Jun Creating a story of "Tanabata" star festival with colored paper collage
8 24-Jul Painting a scroll of "Urashima and the Kingdom Beneath the Sea"
9 21-Aug Batikprint with flour
10 18-Sep Corinthian Game
11 16-Oct Pop up greeting cards
12 17-Dec Flower arrangement for Christmas
(Flowers offered by FLOWORLD for children FOUNDATION, Instruction of flower arrangement by K`s color atelier)


1 15-Jan Tell Malaysian children about Japan by Skype
( picture letters to show them)
2 19-Feb Milk carton craft (Guitar)
Draw a "Magical Picture" and send it to Malaysian children
3 19-Mar Drawing picture scrolls: "If I can use magic..."
4 16-Apr Make original color from primary colours
5 21-May Capturing an image of "seasons" (Send photos to Singaporean and Malaysian children)
6 18-Jun Dress up plastic umbrella
7 16-Jul Frottage in Misono