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The online cultural festival"Little Creators Festival〜 WA" was organized to bring together children from diverse backgrounds,including foster homes,ordinary families, and overseas.
Since it was difficult to physically meet in one place due to the spread of COVID-19,
online conference systems such as Zoom were used to create opportunities for
participants from Japan and overseas to interact with each other. The festival
promoted mutual understanding by encouraging exchanges through the living culture
of each country and artwork created by the children and made them realize the value
of using IT technology as a tool.
The festival had the five pillars of art, dance, music, food culture, and interviews, and
we presented the works and production process on the website. 7,609 people accessed the website, far exceeding the initial target of 3,000.

Thank you, participants and cooperators, for your collaboration and kind thoughts.
Your support means a lot to needy children and us!

Little Creators Festival Report.pdf

Donation that Little Creators received when we distributed 5 weekly mini-Christmas concerts made us possible to deliver 3 used PCs and 7 new tablets to the Futaba-en foster home. We appreciate very much to those who kindly supported us in this occasion.
"ChildAid Asia Christmas Edition 'Spirit of Giving'" brings together young talents from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Japan. Working together through a common Passion for music, they have created 5 weekly mini-Christmas concerts with a rally call to empower our less privileged community affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. These concerts raised funds to bridge the digital divide among our vulnerable children as digital skills become key to their development and success in a post COVID-19 world.
In Japan, the total amount of donation was 231,778JYN. Little Creators have been active at 3 foster homes, and this time we decided to support one of them, Futaba-en, Tokyo. Little Creators also asked the concert viewers to donate new or used PCs and tablets, and we could deliver 3 used PCs with software & peripheral devices and 7 new tablets.
Little Creators keeps supporting needy children, especially those who live in foster homes using art as a tool. We shall appreciate for your continuous support.

Report_CAA Christmas2020.pdf

Donation that Little Creators received when we distributed the concert "ChildAid International 2020 - Virtual" from May 9 to June 6, 2020 was divided into 4 countries charitable organizations: The RICE (Singapore), NPO The Smiles (Malaysia), Yayasan Asa Sehati Indonesia and NPO Little Creators (Japan). On our end, we could set up IT environement at the foster home called Misono Koromo-no-Ie. We appreciate very much to those kindly support us in this occasion.

Since 2012, Little Creators conducts creative workshops every month at one of the foster homes, Misono Kodomo-no-Ie located in Kanagawa, Japan.

Misono Kodomo-no-Ie has 2 homes: Johannes and Clara (former Lucia) homes. As of August 2020, at Johannes 40 children live and at Clara 14 children (from 7 to 18 years old); however, there was only 1 PC that they can use. To improve this situation, Little Creators decided to ask for contribution at ChildAid International 2020 - Virtual. Since deterioration advances at the Clara home and there is a plan to renovate it with the support by a monastic order, Little Creators aimed to set up the Wi-Fi system at the Johannes home.

In September 2020, LAN cables were railed and access points were set; therefore, it is possible for children to be connected to the Internet anywhere in the Johannes home. The total building cost is 575,300JYN after tax and paid from the donation and fund we received. In October, they spend sometime to make a rules in using PCs as well as to install the software they need. In November, finally PCs and tablets are set in each room for children to share and use freely, and high school children are able to receive one each for their study.
This is just a little step we could accomplish this time; however, Little Creators will continuously make efforts to provide proper IT environment to less fortunate children in Asia.

Our next project is to present another fund-rising concert, "ChildAid Asia Christmas Edition SPIRIT OF GIVING", in order to promote digital inclusion for our children. We thank you for your kind support in advance.



Donation amount  600,481JYN
Donation will bridge the digital divide amongst less-fortunate children in 4 Asian countries including Japan.
"ChildAid International 2020 - Virtual" was distributed from May 9 to June 6, 2020 on YouTube.
It was originally planned as an actual concert at the Suntory Hall, Tokyo on May 5. Due to COVID 19, it was realized as a virtual concert instead.  Original young participants to the concert from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Korea, Mexico and South Africa took part in this virtual concert to fundraise for the needy children. We would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation to all the participants.
The donation we received is divided into four, and the concert organizers (Little Creators, Japan; The Rice, Singapore; The Smiles, Malaysia and Yayasan Asa Sehati, Indonesia) will provide the IT environment to the needy children in each country.

In case of Japan, Little Creators is planning to provide some children foster homes with PC, tablets, Wi-Fi system and so on. Once it is done, we will again report the details on this homepage.
At last but obviously not at least, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude to those who donated and Suntory Beverage & Food Asia who supported and contributed to realize this concert. Thank you very much.

Launch: 16:00 Japan Time, May 9, 2020
Your Donation will help to bridge the digital divide amongst less-fortunate children


"Child Aid International 2020 - Virtual" is a virtual concert by children from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, South Korea, Mexico and South Africa. Originally, we were planning to have a live concert at Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan, on May 5, 2020. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to COVID-19. Hence, we have decided to take the show online!
With the spread of COVID-19, the divide between the digital haves and have nots is widening around the world. A child's access to digital devices is crucial in determining the quality of education the child receives. Hence, we are raising funds to purchase digital devices to bridge the digital divide amongst children from disadvantaged backgrounds. 
Your donations will be used to purchase digital devices for disadvantaged children from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. They will be delivered to the children through our overseas counterparts - The RICE Co.,Ltd. (Singapore), NPO Smiles (Malaysia), Yayasan Asa Sehati (Indonesia) and NPO Little Creators (Japan).
For more details,
To donate, please click "Donate" button at the top right corner.
Select 英語(English) of "G (Google)" mark by clicking ▼ at the top right corner for translation.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 concerns, NPO Little Creators canceled ChildAid International 2020 scheduled on May 5 at the Suntory Hall, Tokyo. We deeply apologize to those who have been looking forward to the concert. Once the virus is contained, we will announce our next projects.

PresentationAtInSea2017.jpgOn August 11, 2017, Kumi Shimokura who is the Visual Arts Program Manager of Little Creators together with Kyoko Hasegawa gave a presentation during the 35th World Congress of the International Society for Education Through Art (InSEA) at Daegu, Korea. ( Kumi and Kyoko introduce the situation of needy children in Japan and our visual art workshop at Misono Kokomo-no-Ie foster homes. Please check the following abstrat of our presentation "Fostering Strengths for Living".

LC_Fostering Strengths for Living.pdf

ChildAidAsia Sympodium2016.11.19.JPGOn November 19. 2016, ChildAid Asia Symposium - Friendship without Borders was held in Singapore.
It was designed as the follow-up symposium of "Future Ready Asia" and to think what we can leave for children in Asia through ChildAid Asia concerts.
The speakers are all producers of ChildAid from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan.
There are many opinions raised by audience, and some suggested to create virtual concerts and network by using social media.

ChildAid Asia Symposium_2016.11.19.pdf

LittleCreators Presentation_2016.11.19.pdf


In cooperation with Japan Association of Human Relations
Little Creators presents

Symposium on "Future Ready Asia"

Date & Time:  Jan.7, 2016 : 11:00 -15:00
Venue: G409, Glass Bldg. 4F, Tokyo International Forum
    3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
◆Free Admission, but please register first via fax or email.
  FAX. 03-6893-3931 Email.

Many governmental and non-governmental organizations are actively working to support the socially vulnerable, including the disabled and those who are disadvantaged in less-fortunate circumstances. Such entities provide educational opportunities, advocate human rights, improve infrastructure and living conditions, while assisting medical needs and creating the employment. However, not much is reported on the outcome.  Rarely do we have updates on whether the vulnerable were able to participate in the society or if any economic disparity was mitigated.  This insufficiency is apparent even in developed countries like Japan, and more so in developing countries.
How can we support and empower these NGO and the vulnerable specifically in Asia? How can we help the vulnerable to actually be inclusive participants of the society? How should we support them find income stream? At this symposium, we would like to discuss the role of NGO from various points of view.

◆Program (Japanese/English Simultaneous Interpretation Available)
11:00 Opening Remarks 
          Kyoko Hasegawa (Director, NPO Little Creators)
11:15 Speaker 1   
          Prof. Nozomi Oyama (Chief Director, Japan Association of Human Relations)
         "Society Aiming for Social Inclusion - Broad-minded Society to Foster Its  Diversity"
11:35 Speaker 2 
          Prof. Machiko Kaida (Chief Director, NPO C-Rights)
         "Children's Right in Asia - Especially the Right to Participate Fully in Family, Culture and Social Life"
11:55  Speaker 3   
           Hon. Mr. Theng Dar Teng (Chairman, NGO Singapore Entrepreneurs
           Association, ASEAN-Japan Business Meeting member, Ambassador to Oman)
          "Financial Support for the Vulnerable"
12:15 Break
13:00 Discussion 
         "Future Ready Asia - New Vulnerable-friendly Platform in Asia"
         MC: Prof. Nozomi Oyama
         Hon. Mr. Theng Dar Teng,
                  Mr. Ralph Lim (NGO the Smile Team, Malaysia),
                  Mr. Hayato Abe and others,
                  Prof. Matsunori Nara (Tokyo University of Science, Suwa)

Future Ready Asia_english.pdf

OB_donation2014.07.19.JPGAsami Wada, Yuji Suzuki , Hidekazu Nakajima, Asuto Kitamura and Rei Nakajima who are all ChildAid Asia alumni made a donation to Little Creators. It is the proceeds that they obtained from their own charity concert "Bridge across the Sea" held in this past May. Asami, Yuji and Hide performed at Tiara Koto so beautifully, and Rei and Asuto supported them as stagehands. Thank you, ChildAid Asia Kids! And thanks to their parents supported their action!

The donation will all go to art workshops for children at nursing homes and to art programmes, which can be platforms for children to present their artistic talents.

"Cultural Exchange Programme of the Youth from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan" will be held from August 22 to September 1. From Japan, Momoko Yaguchi (vocalist), Rei Nakajima (Shakuhachi performer) and Asuto Kitamura (pianist) will be take part in this programme.

In Singapore, they will have some sessions and get togethers with Singaporean youth at the new cultural center called 10square. They will also stay at the homes of Singaporean participants in ChildAid Asia 2014 in Tokyo.

In Malaysia, they will join the jazz workshops together with Malaysian, Singaporean, Indonesian and Philippine children and youth. They will also perform at Child Aid Asia @ KL form August 29 to 31.Lockup1_B_1.jpg

This programme can be realized by support from the Japan Foundation. 

Turner Colour Works Ltd. gave a special huge discount to purchase their "Event Colour" paints in order for children from Misono Kodomo-no-Ie to use for art workshops. Until today, because of the shortage of our budget, we had just had 6 colors. The children learnt how to mix colours to make new colours; however, they came up with the question, "how to make silver and gold?" But now, they have 12 colours, and silver and gold!

Thank you, Turner Colour Works Ltd., for adding more colours to our workshops. Please check our Facebook to see the works created by children from Misono Kodomo-no-Ie.

There will be the ChildAid Asia Incubation Programme "Friendship Concert" on January 12, 2015 (holiday) as a joint concert by young musicians from Asian countries.

All the participants will spend some time together, collaborate and rehearse for a few days prior to the concert.

If you pass the audition,
◎ you will be able to collaborate with young talented musicians from Asian countries.
◎ you will have a chance to perform in both "Friendship Concert" (January 12,2015) and "ChildAid Asia 2016" concert.
◎ you may have chances to participate in international cultural exchange programmes and music concerts in other countries in Asia in 2015.

If you can sing, play a musical instrument in any genre and emcee, come join "Friendship Concert" to make good Asian friends as well as to raise funds for underprivileged children in Japan. Please send us an application form as well as DVD or CD of your act by no later than July 26 to the following address:
2-2-15-1403 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
The result will be announced by the end of July. The actual audition will be on August 8.

The auditionees have to be under 19 years old on the audition day, and also to live in Japan, and are requested to attend the rehearsals from January 8 to 11 (if you have classes on the 8th and the 9th, please make it a priority to attend the school).


FiberTech Co., Ltd. kindly donated nylon gloves to NPO Little Creators for art workshops held in orphanages. They will be used in dye workshops and drawing workshops without using brushes. The works by children are up loaded in our Facebook every month.
On behalf of children, we appreciate your support from the bottom of our heart. Thank you.

ChildAid Asia's Alumnus will hold a charity concert "Bridge across the Sea". The children came up with this idea by themselves for the needy children. Please enjoy the concert and help the children!

■ Date:  May 24, 2014 19:00-
■ Venue:  Tiara Koto
■ Charge:  1,000JYN
   *For reservation, please call 03-3846-9464 (Suzuki)
■ Musicians: Hidekazu Nakajima (Piano), Asami Wada (Violin),  Yuji Suzuki (Tsugaru Shamisen)

In the occasion of "ChildAid Asia 2014", about 380,000JYN was donated for NPO Little Creators to support needy children at the concert hall and via bank transfer. We thank you all for the kind donation and thoughts.
It will be used for the workshop materials for children at orphanages, for  the travel and study fee for children from the disadvantaged background, and for cultural exchange programs.
Moreover, 4 professional actors donated 80,000JYN for children from orphanages to see a professional performance. We are planning to make it happen during the summer vacation.
How we use the donation will be reported.

Would like to make a donation?
We shall appreciate your kind donation for the needy children in our society. Your donation will all go to art workshop material fee, transportation and tickets for the needy children to go to museums, concerts, and shows, but not for running this organization. If you have any request about your donation, please contact us in advance: 

On behalf of the needy children in Japan, thank you in advance.

Bank Name:  Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch:  Shinjuku
Account No.:  (Futsu) 4145884
Bank Address: 3-24-1 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo Japan
Bank Tel:  +81-3-3356-5201
Payee Name: Tokuhi Little Creators (NPO Little Creators)
Payee Address: 5-17-5-302 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
Payee Tel:  +81-3-6869-7282

Little Creators Ltd. was set up on March 11, 2014 in Singapore.

This sister organization is aiming at 1) promoting cultural exchange programmes in Aisa, especially between Japan and Singapore; and 2) job training and living support to the youth in Singapore by running a café.

The café "Happy Pancakes" will open this coming summer on the 10th floor of the Orchard Central, which became possible because of a kind contributor form Japan. All proceeds of the café will be used for cultural exchange between children and youth in Asia.

Moreover in August, a cultural exchange program is planned for the youth. We will report the activities by Little Creators Ltd. in Singapore from now on.

Mr Shinjiro Koizumi, Parliamentary Secretary of the Cabinet Office and Parliamentary Secretary for Reconstruction, kindly sent a congratulatory cable message for children participated in "ChildAid Asia 2014."

Congratulations on holding ChildAid Asia 2014 concert.
I regret that I cannot participate today, but I hope that it is a great concert by the result of everyone's practices.

It will be a precious asset in the future that children from various environments like Japan, Singapore and Asian countries are interacting through music and a performance for holding this event.

Today, 10 months and 2 years have passed from the Great East Japan Earthquake. I expect that everyone including today's participants from Minamisoma in Fukushimas keeps their friendship. I am also hopeful for future success of your generation that forge the future of the disaster area, japan and the world.

Shinjiro Koizumi
Parliamentary Secretary of Cabinet Office
Parliamentary Secretary for Reconstruction

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered a video message for the audience sharing his support for the cause and sending his best wishes for the concert.

On January 11, 2014, "ChildAid Asia 2014" was held by 126 children form Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia at the world famous music hall, Suntory Hall. It was an honor to have HIH Princess Akishino, graced the concert as well as to have more than 1600 people in the house. One of the unique features of this year's ChildAid Asia was collaborative performance. It was certainly a challenge, but all the performers seemed to enjoy instructing each other through music not only on stage but also off the stage.

ChildAid Asia 2014 is not only the series of solo performances but there will be good collaboration works among children from 4 countries. The followings are a part of the program.

★Concerto for Two Pianos in F Flat No.10, K.365 - the 3rd Movement
 Piano: Ryuhi Arai, Pung Rae Yue
 Strings:Art Aim Ensemble

★Dayung Sampan X Hana
 Song:CHIJ (Kellock) Choir, Suzukake Children Chorus

★Si Gembala Sapi(The Cowherd)X Tsugaru Jongara-bushi (Tsugaru Style Jongara Phrase)
 Sasando:Julio Josua Letik 
 Shamisen:Yuji Suzuki

★From Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
 Infanzia e Maturita Nuevo Cinema Paradiso Se
 Flute:Kanon Honda 
 Piano:Shawn Low 
 Song:Ananya Ravishankar Diddapur, Corey Koh

★Hyakkaryoran - Genrokuhanamiodori: Exuberance of Blooming Flowers based on a long epic ballad, Genroku Cherry-Blossom Viewing
 Shakuhachi:Rei Nakajima
 Piano:Asuto Kitamura
 Cello:Goh Wen Chih

NPO Little Creators has been asking for donation to support children who lost parents due to the earthquake and Tsunami as well as Child Nursing Homes in damaged area.
Our Singaporean friends including those who supported our "ChildAid Asia in Tokyo 2011", American friends and Japanese friends sympathized and donated 495,716JYN in total by the end of June. Here we would like to show our deep appreciation to all who donated and considered this project. Thank you very much.
As the first step, we wired the above mentioned amount to 'Iwate Learning Hope Fund' on July 14, 2011.
'Iwate Learning Hope Find' is the special fund Iwate Prefecture established, and it will keep supporting those children's 'living' and 'learning' till the time that they can support themselves. We hope those children in such tragic circumstance will go forward and live with a hope through this fund.
NPO Little Creators continuously ask for donation to those children not only in Iwate but also in Fukushima and Miyagi Prefectures. Moreover, we are going to search what our organization can do by directly associating with them in the future.
We are yet so powerless, so we shall appreciate for your support, advice and concern for coming days. Thank you.

To donate money for those children, please use the following account.Your help change the life of those children who just lost a big support of parents.
*Your donation will be send to the child nursing homes in through Community Chest (Kyodo Bokin).
*We will report how and when your donation is sent to the children/the nursing homes.
*This bank account is special for donation (different account from one NPO Little Creators use for its operation), and we do not take a penny from this account for our operation.

Bank: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Branch: Shinjuku
Account: (Ordinary Account) 4145884
Beneficiary's Name: Tokutei Hieiri Katsudou Hojin (Non Profit Organization) Little Creators
Beneficiary's Address: 5-17-5-302 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan

We also accept the donation through ammado with your credit card:

We still do not know how many children lost their parents and family at this point, but for sure the number is not going to be small.

Since NPO Little Creators has been organizing many activities for children in Child Nursing Home in Tokyo (Shakujii Gakuen), we decided to support especially Child Nursing Homes in the disaster-affected prefectures through Community Chest (Kyodo Bokin).
In Miyagi, Fukushima and Iwate prefectures are 19 Child Nursing Homes.
We would like to be a little help for children who are staying at these homes and for children who has to stay there because of the earthquake and tsunami.

We wish if they could have peaceful environment at these homes with our help.
We sincerely appreciate your kind offer of donation.

*Please direct your fund to the following bank accounts.
■Name of Bank:
  Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
■Name of Branch & Account No:
4145884 (Ordinary Account)
■Payee Name:
 Tokutei Hieiri Katsudou Hojin (Non Profit Organization) Little Creators
■Payee Address:
 5-17-5-302 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
■Payee Telephon:
For your information, this account is a special account for Japan/Earthquake & Tsunami Donation and different from the account NPO Little Creators use for daily activities. Full amount of your donation will be sent to Child Nursing Homes through Community Chest, and its detailed report will be posted in the home page of Little Creators. Thank you for your generous offer.