2017.08.15 - Presentation of "Fostering Strengths for Living" at InSEA 2017 in Korea

2016.11.20 - ChildAid Asia Symposium - Friendship without Borders

2015.12.20 - Symposium on "Future Ready Asia" 7th Jan. 2016

2014.07.20 - ChildAid Asia Alumni made a donation of 100,000JYN to Little Creators.

2014.07.18 - Supported by the Japan Foundation, Little Creators will execute "Cultural Exchange Programme of the Youth from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan"

2014.06.22 - Turner Colour Works Ltd. kindly supports art workshops at Misono Kodomo-no-Ie.

2014.06.09 - Audition for Friendship Concert ~ ChildAid Asia Incubation Programme

2014.05.10 - FiberTech Co., Ltd. kindly donated nylon gloves for workshops!

2014.04.01 - ChildAid Asia's Alumnus' Concert "Bridge across the Sea"

2014.03.23 - 380,000JYN was donated for needy children at "ChildAid Asia 2014".